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In today’s constantly evolving technology environment, you need a reliable IT service company to support your business. Tech issues can bring operations to a halt and keep you from achieving your business goals. Security breaches can be devastating for sensitive company data.

But with a dependable IT partner, you can spend less time worrying about tech and security problems and more time focusing on business growth.

Technology Services

IT Services Company in Fort Myers and Naples

At Vivitec, we’re committed to providing our clients with all the support they need for business success and digital transformation. Whether your business is in Financial Services, Construction, Healthcare, Legal or anything in between, we’ll find the IT and cyber security solution for your business.

From solving stubborn tech issues to providing ironclad security solutions, we’ll give you simple, secure, and reliable IT services to accelerate your business performance.

Our Services

Peerless IT Services

Assessment and Planning

We’ll assess your current technology suite and design a customized plan to optimize your business operations.


We’ll ensure that your IT solution aligns with your business strategy and is properly adopted with minimal downtime.

Ongoing Monitoring & Management

Our team will provide you with constant monitoring of your systems to detect and solve problems as they occur.

Security Assesments

Your security systems need to be airtight to avoid disastrous hacks and breaches. We’ll analyze your current security technology and make recommendations for improvement.

Breach Management & Incident Response

We’ll help you draft comprehensive policies and procedures to respond to security incidents. Our team can even help you conduct incident rehearsals to prepare for the worst and deliver the best outcomes. Should a breach occur, we’ll be beside you helping you recover from the incident.

Managed Security Training

Preventing security breaches often depends on employees. We’ll provide employee training, phish testing, and tracking and reporting to ensure your team responds properly to potential security incidents.

And More

We proudly offer strategic technology consulting and managed services tailored to your unique business needs.

Importance of Strong IT Services in 2023

Strong IT services are more important today than ever before. Thanks to breakthrough technologies like mobile apps, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, the business world has become increasingly dependent on connected technologies to conduct daily operations.

In every industry – from construction to CPAs and everything in between – teams rely on tech to achieve their objectives. And with remote work becoming more and more popular, many businesses need extra support to manage their virtual workforce.

IT services are essential for managing and protecting valuable data like payroll, HR records , and sensitive customer data. Online security threats can ravage vulnerable businesses, and IT services can help keep your website, company data, and customer information from being compromised.

With vigilant monitoring and data analytics, an IT service provider can detect problems as they arise and take corrective action as soon as possible. Firewalls, endpoint protection, and other security services can all be implemented to protect your technology systems. And should your systems experience a crash or breach, professional services can provide secure backups of all your valuable data.

Great managed services can also give businesses a technological advantage over the competition. IT professionals can help to implement cutting-edge technologies to drive productivity and improve efficiency in almost all facets of your business.

Our Approach

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Our Values

Why Work with Vivitec?

Vivitec gives you world-class IT business solutions with hometown courtesy. We’re a values-based business committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and outstanding results. We pride ourselves on close personal relationships with our clients.

When you work with Vivitec, you won’t get a one size fits all IT solution. You’ll get customized solutions for your unique situation with the attention you need for technology success.

We believe in creating great customer relationships with a simple, secure, and reliable technology experience. Whether you’re familiar with today’s business technology or need some guidance, we’re happy to work with you every step of the way.

And of course, we’re dedicated to getting things done right, sharing our expertise, and constantly improving our processes.


We will create a vision for your technology, document a personalized roadmap to take you there, and work as a trusted guide every step of the journey.


We will get things done, be action-oriented, pro-active, search for issues, and eliminate them.


We began with industry leaders, deep expertise, and years of proven results in our team members and we will train, certify, learn, experiment, and collaborate to ensure our knowledge advantage endures.


We will relentlessly pursue continuous improvement in ourselves, our methods, our services, our value, and our client service.

Find World-Class IT Support in South Florida

Don’t wait for a cybersecurity attack or system failure to get the IT support you need. If your South Florida business needs IT services, get in touch with your friends at Vivitec today to get started.


Examples of IT service include security monitoring, firewall protection, backup recovery, network services, and cloud services. IT services companies may provide any combination of these services depending on the needs of their clients.

An IT company supports businesses in the management and optimization of information technologies. An IT support company not only ensures that computer systems are working at their best, but also helps to prevent and respond to technology and security problems.

Cybersecurity Services

Vivitec security services are tailored for your business, industry, risk, technology; and size to ensure great protection and planned response for the inevitable cyber-attacks on your business.

Compliance Services

Having a reliable IT security and compliance partner can help you manage your data, digital communications, and technology infrastructure so you can keep your business processes running smoothly and avoid expensive penalties.