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Compliance Services

As businesses continue to leverage technology in every aspect of their operations, new challenges are emerging every day.

Vivitec partners with you to understand your current technical environment, assess where your business stands in relation to current compliance regulations and IT best practices, and then deliver ongoing compliance services and support to ensure your business continues to remain compliant with regulatory guidance and industry best practices.

Our Services

Vivitec enables you to focus on your business with peace of mind that compliance standards are maintained.

At Vivitec, we provide our partners with all the IT security and compliance services they need to protect their data. When you work with us, you can expect a comprehensive suite of security and compliance services including:

Compliance Assessments

Compliance as a Service

Policies & Procedures

Penetration Testing

Managed Security Awareness Training

Virtual Chief Information Officer/Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

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Vivitec is a values-based company committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and outstanding results. We believe your technology experience should be Simple, Secure, and Reliable. We tailor our solutions to address the unique business requirements of our clients.

We believe in creating great customer relationships with clients from every industry. Whether you’re familiar with today’s business technology or need guidance, we’re happy to work with you every step of the way.

We’re dedicated to getting things done right, sharing our expertise, and constantly improving our processes.

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We want to help you mitigate regulatory risk.

Failure to follow regulatory compliance and security standards can result in breaches of employee and customer data, putting their sensitive personal information in peril. Penalties can be steep and cause massive setbacks and budgetary constraints for your business.

Having a reliable IT security and compliance partner can help you manage your data, digital communications, and technology infrastructure so you can keep your business processes running smoothly and avoid expensive penalties.

Connect with us today and discover the benefits of properly managed IT compliance.

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IT compliance is a set of practices meant to ensure that business technology meets certain legal and regulatory requirements in order to protect sensitive data. Whether supporting SOC 2 compliance, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, FINRA, or ABA guidelines, specific requirements will vary depending on the particular industry and nature of the business.

These guidelines must be followed to avoid penalties, maintain compliance, or to secure cyber security insurance; regardless of the requirement, there are typically recommended policies and procedures established by regulatory or governing bodies so organizations understand what is required to comply. Often times, these policies and procedures are not easily understood by the business.

The main purpose of regulatory compliance is to protect data and business operations. Think of it as a form of risk management to protect the business, their customers, and their investors

A business can obtain everything from social security numbers to home addresses from customers and employees. And when that valuable information is handed over to a business, that organization is responsible for how the data is managed.

Taking necessary precautions to defend sensitive data involves implementing appropriate security measures. Data breaches and other cybersecurity attacks put valuable information at risk, so regulatory compliance is important not just for following the law but also for safeguarding businesses.

IT compliance and security can cover broad services like cybersecurity and systems monitoring as well as the specific adjustments that businesses must make for compliance. For example, ISO regulatory standards require continual improvements to information security management systems, among other obligations.

Whether you’re a small business or a publicly traded fortune 500 company, digital technology is essential for doing business in 2023. It’s difficult to find a company that doesn’t use modern computer technology in its operations, regardless of size or industry.

IT security compliance is needed in 2023 more than ever because it ensures the protection of valuable data from cybersecurity risks, avoids expensive fines and penalties, and can improve satisfaction from both employees and customers.

  • Protects Valuable Data:

    First and foremost, IT security and compliance safeguards help to mitigate the risk of data from cyberattacks and unauthorized activity. Data breaches can cause periods of prolonged downtime for an organization’s computer systems, which causes businesses to lose money by the minute.

    Customers, employees, and the company as a whole can have their private data exposed. This can lead to potential identity theft, significant financial losses, and can severely damage a business’s reputation. After all, nobody wants to work with a company that can’t protect their data. And as new risks to information security develop every day, it’s crucially important to protect customer data.

  • Avoids Expensive Fines

    Failure to comply with security regulations leads to expensive fines.. Additionally, specific regulatory bodies like HIPAA and ISO can impose hefty fines and even jail time for egregious violations.

    And there’s also the cost of legal fees, damage to stock prices, loss of customers, and bad media coverage for those who suffer avoidable security breaches.

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction

    Privacy is highly important for today’s consumers. Transparent IT security policies can help to develop and maintain customer trust by assuring customers that their data is protected according to legal requirements and beyond.

Legal compliance of any kind is usually the responsibility of an organization’s owner(s), officers, or board of directors. In smaller businesses without a board, ensuring IT compliance is up to company administrators and leadership.

The role of IT compliance is to assess and correct various compliance issues as they relate to business information technology. This can include digital communications, data management, and information security among other aspects.

The purpose of IT compliance is to ensure that the operation of technological systems meet requirements defined by regulatory bodies. The protection of private data is one of the main purposes of IT compliance, in particular.

Cybersecurity Services

Vivitec security services are tailored for your business, industry, risk, technology; and size to ensure great protection and planned response for the inevitable cyber-attacks on your business.

Technology Services

Your business systems must be operational and ready for business every day. We ensure your business keeps running, pro-actively resolves issues before they surface, and rapidly responds to any unavoidable issue along the way.

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