Vivitec's 1-1-1 Pledge

Giving Back

Serving the communities we support.


We pledge 1% of our profit to non-profit service organizations or missions.


Every employee gets to choose a service organization and spend 1 paid work day annually supporting their cause.


We pursue 1 non-profit organization each year to partner with and manage their technology and security.


We’re building a legacy of change with strong relationships with non-profits.

The Point Arc

Our mission is to provide opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their highest potential educationally, residentially, socially and vocationally.

Scheben Care Center

Our goal is to empower the disabled and elderly to self-advocate, pursue personal growth and independence and have choices in everyday life.

Horizon Community Funds

We want to help the people we see every day and encourage a culture of philanthropy and generosity. Give Where You Live empowers individuals who want to support our uncommon community.

Master Provisions

We distribute resources to partner nonprofit agencies who serve people in need. Our collaborative approach allows partners to spend less time and money obtaining resources. This gives them the opportunity to focus on their core missions of serving others.

Are you a non-profit?

Become a part of our 1-1-1 Pledge

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity and IT services are crucial for non-profit organizations. Vivitec provides specialized knowledge, advanced technologies, and tailored solutions to protect data, privacy, and operations. Explore the benefits of becoming a non-profit partner with Vivitec.

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