In a world of evolving technology and constant communication, protecting your business’s IT assets is essential. IT, or information technology, refers to the use of computers, storage, and other physical devices that process and exchange data and information. In order to streamline this process, you can count on the support services of an IT provider.

At Vivitec, we are committed to helping our clients simplify and strategize their IT solutions to meet their business requirements. We rely on experience, process, and proactive communications to provide these infrastructure services that span across onsite infrastructure, cloud based solutions, Internet Protocols, and nationally distributed networks. Our principles have helped us grow to provide quality IT services throughout the Cincinnati area allowing us to maintain lasting client relationships..


Our IT team focuses on helping our clients use their technology to accelerate their company and reach their business goals. Here are a few pinnacles of our IT support services:

Assessment and Planning

We can guide you through this process if you need help assessing your current IT system to reach your goals. We can start by addressing the technology needs of your business, whether you need network monitoring or cybersecurity services, and then we can craft a plan to drive you toward those goals efficiently.


We are committed to delivering “just what we needed” technology. Once we have a plan in place for your company, we can assist in the implementation process of a sound IT structure. Our IT experts can help set up systems committed to data security, ease of use, and long-term success.

Monitoring and Management

Once your systems are in place, you will need support services to help monitor these systems and diagnose problems before they progress. Our IT services in Cincinnati can continually monitor and optimize your systems to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.


If you’ve never invested in IT services in Cincinnati, or you are unsure if having your services managed is important, it helps to understand the current technological landscape. In 2022, data security has never been more important. Data sharing and communication is more prevalent than ever due to the amount of mobile devices and services that give many businesses the ability to communicate constantly.

The more devices you have, the more entry points there are for potential cyber-attacks. And with the rise of remote work, it can be more difficult to keep track of devices and identify weaknesses that could allow for a security breach.

At Vivitec, our managed IT services can help you create a technological infrastructure that is safe and secure. Even when weak points are identified, our remote support team can immediately address these problems and work toward a solution. Having this security in place can give business owners peace of mind knowing experts back up their business processes. Whether you need help managing cloud services, data backup, or another technological need, we are here to help.


Since 2015, Vivitec has worked to provide cutting-edge IT solutions and managed services for our clients. Vivitec offers national experience on a local scale, and we are proud to offer IT services and support in Cincinnati that help our local community increase data safety and efficiency. Our award-winning managed IT service team was founded on core values that include:

Leadership: We are committed to leading our clients as a trusted guide through every step of the IT support services process.

Execution: Our IT services in Cincinnati are focused on proactive solutions that will save you time, energy, and resources.

Knowledge: Vivitec is led by a team of experienced industry leaders who know how to offer managed services that keep pace with rapidly

Changing Technology. We are committed to collaboration and constant learning alongside our valued clients.

Improvement: We wholeheartedly commit to constant innovation, improvement, and adjustment across our business. Our goal is to serve as a leading IT service provider to our clients and to do whatever it takes to maintain a rigorous level of service.

Faith-Based: We keep our faith at the center of our business. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, equal pay, respect for every individual, and ethical business practices.


What do IT services in Cincinnati do?

IT support services can help your business optimize and secure data and information processing. This can include enhancing data security, streamlining technological communication, or securing Cloud data. Depending on which managed services you require, IT services in Cincinnati can also be customized to fit your business needs.

What is an example of an IT service?

An IT service, for example, can include necessary repairs a piece of hardware, backing up a server, patching PCs and Servers, or installing a new switch.  Many of these services are specific activities or events.  Other IT service examples include proactive monitoring, capacity planning, or security monitoring.An effective IT service provider can offer more long-term solutions, so the problem does not arise again. This is one of many benefits an IT managed services provider can offer.