What are the Exposures of the Dark Web?

As a cybersecurity and IT services firm focused on keeping businesses safe, last week we defined the dark web and what is the Exposure of the Dark Web. This week we will continue this cybersecurity series and explain how exposures on the dark web affect your business.  Similarly, how organizations can protect their data. Lastly, we’ll give you a cybersecurity awareness tip.

Having a cybersecurity preventative posture is paramount to your data security. If your business and/ or customer data is hacked you’ve just opened pandora’s box of lawsuits.So, the loss of brand integrity, loss of customer trust, and many more concerning issues. The dark web has become a cybersecurity nightmare so your cybersecurity readiness plan should include preventative measures to defend against the dark web and its minions.

How exposures of the dark web affect your business?

Cybercriminals steal credentials to breach organizations and steal sensitive information. An organization can have cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions in place; but it only takes a single stolen credential to gain access to an organization’s infrastructure and cause devastating consequences. Similarly, compromised credentials are used to conduct further criminal activity; such as data breaches of sensitive corporate information and identity theft of individual employees.

Because employees often have the same password for multiple services, such as network login, social media, online stores, and other services, the potential damage dramatically increases from a single compromised username and password. Hence, the importance of having a preventative strategy from the dark Web with the most effective cybersecurity solutions.

How can organizations protect their data?

As you’ve probably realized by now this is why the dark web should be considered in your cybersecurity strategy for the exposure of the Dark Web. The reason small to medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals; hackers find companies extremely appealing as they have a large amount of consumer data in one location. Security is asymmetrical. Where businesses must plan, prepare, and defend against every threat or scenario, cybercriminals only need to find a single weakness or hole in your defenses to carry out their malicious plans. Protect your data and your business by deploying multiple cybersecurity strategies with the dark web in mind.

Cybersecurity tip: Get Ready to Defend Against Your Biggest Threat

Over 90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack; and everything a cybercriminal needs to mount an effective phishing attack against you is available on the exposure of the Dark Web. Prevent those attacks from being successful by implementing an effective; ongoing internal security awareness program to reduce your company’s vulnerability. Empower your employees to be the first line of defense through ongoing cybersecurity testing and training.

If you have any questions about how to increase your organization’s defenses against cybersecurity threats; we’re here to help and educate.

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