Your business relies on technology and Vivitec believes your technology experience should be Simple, Secure, and Reliable. So, we provide best cyber security Services in IT.

Vivitec specializes in Cyber security Services and Completely Managed IT.

Your business assets and the sensitive information you manage are cyber targets for worldwide criminals.

Vivitec security services are tailored for your business, industry, risk, technology; and size to ensure great protection and planned response for the inevitable cyber-attacks on your business.

Our comprehensive set of cyber security services span the full lifecycle of assessments, planning, implementation, operations, and testing.

If you are not 100% confident in your cybersecurity posture; your active security operations, and your go-forward plan – contact Vivitec today!

Your business systems must be operational and ready for business every day.

Your business systems must be operational and ready for business every day.

Vivitec IT services ensure your business keeps running, pro-actively reduces issues before they surface; and rapidly responds to any unavoidable issue along the way.

Our suite of IT services range from completely managed IT services; through specific services in support of internal IT team or current IT partner.

If you are worried, frustrated, constantly addressing IT issues, or just need some special expertise – contact Vivitec today!



Ensuring seamless technology operations throughout corporate offices and branches.

Maximizing security defenses without compromising banking efficiency.

Ensuring FFIEC, FINRA, SEC, and other regulatory requirements are met, and audits are simple.

Service Organizations

Amazing customer service often depends on reliable and mobile technology.

Service organizations keep their client’s satisfaction at the top of their priorities and simple; secure and reliable technology makes a difference.


Enabling innovation while securing patient data.

Ensuring HIPAA, CMS, and other regulatory compliance.


Technology should seamlessly support your patients experience from appointments to images and visually appealing consults and discussions

Full coordination with practice management software and imaging system providers.

HIPAA, CMS, PCI and patient record security and compliance are addressed as part of your solution.



Facilitating better client relationships with technology is now a requirement.

Safeguarding client’s personal information is at an all-time premium.

Eliminate SEC/FINRA/OCIE findings, risk, and possible fines.


Streamlining operations for main office and field employees.

Systems, devices, applications, and communication must support mobile, rugged, professionals.


Real-time operations, lines, plants, orders must be technology enabled 24×7.

Security incidents and threats must be minimized with fast response and recovery planned.


Legal professionals can not risk their credibility and business with client information breaches.

Technology and security is tailored specifically for the practice size, scale, and case load.

  Our approach is to get to know you, your business, and the state of your cybersecurity and technology.

We begin with an eXplorer™.  This is our introduction to your business to uncover and review technology issues and opportunities.  Similarly, we provide you an example of our professional work standards, our team and how we will deliver for you.

Let’s Talk today to get started. You deserve simple, secure, reliable technology!